Welcome to the Acme Company Portrait Scheduler

Schedule your Acme Company headshot session here.

  • Your session is scheduled for approximately one hour, including review of all poses
  • You’ll receive clothing, hair, and makeup guidelines with your confirmation immediately after booking
  • You’ll work closely with the photographer during your session to select great poses you’ll be proud to have

Complete directions, as well as clothing, hair and makeup hints will follow immediately after you schedule your session.



This is an example of a private booking page for a company with ongoing staff portrait needs.


We create a special page just for your company. Employees can easily book their session at their own convenience, so you don’t have to juggle multiple schedules.
Feel free to go through the booking process; no session will actually be booked. You’ll be able to see how simple it is and you’ll receive an example of the confirmation email that can be customized for your staff.

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