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Top 7 Secrets for a Great LinkedIn Profile Picture

If you spent any time at all on LinkedIn, you’ve seen the wide variety of profile pictures people are using. Some are great, but there are many, many more that make you wonder “What were they thinking?!?”

What’s the goal of your LinkedIn page? Are you looking to attract more customers? Change careers? Find people to collaborate with? Whatever your goals are, make sure your picture supports that goal.

Why focus so much on your picture? Because your profile picture is the single most viewed part of your entire profile page. A study of recruiting professionals showed that the profile picture was the first thing looked at, and the one element on the page that was looked at the most.

Your profile picture is the most looked at part of your page

Since the single most important aspect of a LinkedIn profile is the picture you use, it pays to get it right.

Here are our top 7 tips to make your LinkedIn picture work for you:

  1. Use a real picture of you. That’s right, it needs to be of you, and you alone. Not a logo. Not a picture with you and your partner, child, dog, or salamander. Oh, in case you missed it, do not use a logo!
  2. Use a close-up of your face. Profile pics are small, so there’s no room to show you golfing, hiking, full length, or 3/4 length. You want others to get a sense of who you are, and to do that they need to see your face clearly. Remember, this is all about YOU. To get a close up of your face, it helps if you have someone else take your picture using a telephoto lens. This avoids the distortion (exaggerated forehead, nose, etc) you get when the camera is too close to your face. Sorry, a selfie just isn’t as pleasing as close up taken from further away.
  3. Look approachable. The point of a profile picture is to show you at your best, so it’s important your picture shows a happy, approachable person who’s relaxed and friendly. It’s hard to describe how to look relaxed and approachable, but this is something a skilled photographer is able to coax out of even the most nervous people.
  4. Use a solid, plain background. Remember, this picture is all about you! A cluttered or busy background can be distracting, taking the attention away from you. You want the attention to be on your awesome, relaxed expression, and nothing else.
  5. Solids for clothing. Just like the background, the clothing you’re wearing during your photo shoot should help draw attention to your face – this means it shouldn’t be attention getting. Busy patterns and unusual styles compete for the viewer’s attention, taking the focus away from you.
  6. Keep it current. Don’t use the decade-old picture from University or your wedding. People deserve to see the you of today, especially if there’s any possibility they may meet you in person. When we’re surprised to see someone older that what we expected (based on a picture we saw online), do you think your credibility goes up, or does it gone down just a bit?
  7. No Logos! I get it – you’re representing a company – but we all deal with people, real, living breathing humans. Credibility skyrockets when we allow people to get to know us. Use a real picture of you and you’ll enjoy stronger, deeper connections.

It’s easy to get your LinkedIn profile picture right

For do-it-yourselfers, the hints above will get you a LinkedIn profile picture that’s pretty great. If you want to take it to the next level, hire a professional to do it for you. A headshot specialist like Whitesell Photography has the skill and experience to not only create a technically perfect headshot, but will use their soft people skills to capture plenty of relaxed, friendly, inviting poses for you to choose from.

We offer a special Linkedin Profile session so you can make your best first impression. Our Linkedin Profile Session includes 15 minutes with the photographer, immediate review of all poses, and final selection of your favourite. You’ll be able to watch your selected pose get retouched and your finished LinkedIn profile shot will be done and ready to upload when you finish! The cost is only $139.00 (plus GST), about half of our Professional Headshot Session.

Book your LinkedIn Profile Session now.

Immediately after booking, we’ll send a guide for clothing, hair and makeup. Be sure to include your cell number, because we’ll send you a reminder text the afternoon before your session.


2014 St. Albert Farmers Market Opening

Check out this 360-degree panorama we made of the opening ceremonies of the 2014 St. Albert Farmers’ Market. Click the picture to go to the panorama… St Albert Farmer's Market - opening ceremonies

Park Veterinary Centre Staff Group Photo

We recently did a Google virtual tour for Park Veterinary Centre in Sherwood Park, and also produced staff portraits for their website.

Here is a group shot of most of the staff – unfortunately a few were not able to be there the day we shot, but this gives you an idea of the staff commitment this great vet office provides to their clients.

Google Street View for Business

We’ve recently begun providing Google Business Photos for local companies. This is an exciting new offering from Google that helps your business in many ways.

The centerpiece of the program is a 360-degree virtual tour of the inside of a business using Google’s Street View technology. This allows anyone to visit inside your business and “walk around” to see the decor, style, products, etc. offered. You’ve worked hard to make your business look outstanding – now your virtual tour is right there for the world to see – in Google search results, Google maps, ond your business’ own Google+ Local page.

You can also embed your tour in your own website.

Businesses with an inside virtual tour from Google Business Photos also rank very highly in Google search results!

Here is an example of a recent virtual tour we produced for The Outback Western Wear and Tack in Westlock. Go ahead and drag your mouse around in the image, and click on the arrows to move through the store:

The cost is incredibly low, too. There is only a low one-time production cost – there are no ongoing fees for hosting. As your Google Trusted Photographer, we’ll make it easy for you to take advantage of this powerful new marketing tool.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to increase your online presence and show your business to the world! We are currently scheduling shoots for other local businesses – if you’d like more details, visit our site dedicated to this product:

Edmonton Google Business Photos

Photographic Training Continues

Having been drawn to the creative photographic process for a lifetime, one of my joys is sharing my knowledge with others. I talk to aspiring photographers on a daily basis, and am always willing to share and explain photographic technique.

I recently taught a photo class at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) that was for their staff. I also teach various topics through McBain Camera, from a basic course “Mastering Your Digital Camera”, to more advanced subjects such as Studio Lighting and DSLR Video. I really enjoy this opportunity to teach photography, as it is very rewarding personally to see the spark in someone’s eyes when they have that drive to create memorable imagery.

If you enjoy photography or want to learn more, I encourage you to check out the workshops available at McBain Camera, or consider some personal instruction for individuals or couples.

Evolving Photographic Styles

Photography is a very creative pursuit. We’ve spent much of this winter developing and refining some new styles for our shooting and we are excited to start putting more of these techniques in to practice.