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The Session

On location sessions can take place in your home, our studio, or in any of the Edmonton area’s outdoor places.

Home sessions

Home is where your family is growing up, and creating professional portraits there gives the images a unique and natural quality. Natural light is gorgeous and we typically shoot these sessions right before sunset for the best quality of light. Natural looking light, on-location sessions in your home are so much fun. It’s not about posed shots and formal portraits. It’s about capturing you … your family … today. It incorporates the things that surround you everyday. The result is portraits that become heirlooms, and memories that mean the world to you.

When Jim arrives at your home, he will make suggestions to achieve what he artistically believes will make the best images. He’ll often add additional lighting to the natural light for the best possible images. Sometimes, he’ll even want to move the furniture to get the most out of the light. For the most part though, the style is documentary-like and he’ll pose your family in very natural ways to capture the story of your life at home.

Location sessions

If you choose one of the Edmonton area’s scenic locations, keep in mind the style of your home when considering a location. Grassy fields and river valley overlooks are timeless and classic, but downtown can be just as fun and often these sessions have an edgier/retro feel. We will often select a “grungy” location, as nothing has more impact than the contrast of a beautiful family or innocent child in a location that juxtaposes them (urban buildings, graffiti, alleyway), making your family appear that much more beautiful!

Location sessions are our favourites. You can expect to spend up to two hours shooting your session. We like to take our time getting to know you and your family. Our goal is to deeply connect with who you are, and that means getting to know you and learning what makes your family special.

Studio Sessions

The timeless look of a studio session contributes to very powerful and emotional classic portraiture. Our west end studio is convenient and comfortable, allowing you to fell and look your best for your portraits.