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What to Expect

During Your Session

We have a casual, fun style of photography and enjoy capturing the special moments between family members. While we do offer posing suggestions during the session, we’ll also capture plenty of natural moments. Our goal is to have a wide variety of poses for your to select. 

You will find us talking to you and your family a lot, with special attention in engaging your children. Please allow us to keep them focused on the photographer, rather than being firm with them; we have a few tricks to help kids forget the camera is even there, thus producing more natural expressions and smiles from them.

Often during a session parents work so hard to get their child to smile that it ends up being distracting and confusing for the child because they don’t know where to look. The best portraits occur when we are able to directly interact with your child and engage them without distractions from other family members. We may ask you to step away or give us a few moments alone with your child to get the best expressions. Trust us! If you have younger children, we may tell some jokes or act silly, with teens, we may pull them off to the side and get to know a bit about them first. 

Also, attitude is everything! We strive to make this a fun and positive experience for everyone so that we can create precious memories that you will cherish for decades to come.

What to Wear

Family photographs are special, a legacy of your family for future generations to enjoy. When dressing your family for your session, remember you are a family and there should be some commonality among all members of the family.

We’ve all seen those family portraits where everyone is in matching white polos and jeans on the beach–heck, most of us have been in those photos! But did you know that coordinated, but not “uniform”, looks for families create a much more pleasing photograph? Moreover, it is not nearly as difficult as you think it is! 

The cardinal rule of family dressing for portraits is simple: choose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit.  If all of your choices were somehow on one person, would the result be pleasing, colourwise? 

A handy trick for those who are hesitant to break away from the monochrome madness is to choose one patterned item (for example a print dress for your daughter) and then select the rest of the family’s clothing from colours within that pattern.


A few specific suggestions:

  • Similar tones of colour and style of clothing should be worn by all. Varying textures, layers and colours in the same tone (i.e. all jewel tones) always work well. Stay away from mixing very light and very dark colours (i.e. black or navy and white).
  • Layered clothing always looks fabulous in photographs. Try working with sweaters, vests, t-shirts under a button down, cardigans, etc.
  • Stay away from matching shirts and pants on everyone. Choose one patterned item (maybe your daughter’s dress) and then select the rest of the family’s clothing from colours within that pattern.
  • Mix it up a bit! If everyone is in pants, put you or your daughter in a dress or skirt. Have some of the guys wear polos, others wear a button down and yet another in a sweater. Please avoid stripes, words and logos on your family’s clothing.
  • Long sleeves typically work the best for adults; as too much skin from arms can be distracting. Sleeveless tops should be avoided.
  • Location plays a huge part in how your family should dress. The majority of families are photographed at a location. Consider the location and the colours that will work well in your home (on your wall) when choosing clothing.
  • For siblings: Don’t try to dress them in the same outfit. Choose a patterned dress or shirt for one and then have the other child dress in colours pulled from the pattern or colours that complement; try not to mix patterns.