Edmonton Winter Portraits

Love the winter? We’re totally up for winter portrait sessions!!

Edmonton photographersWhile most families and couples want to get their portraits during the summer months, There are still a few brave souls who embrace our winters. Shooting a winter portrait in Edmonton can be challenging. Here are some of the things we want on the day we shoot the session:

  • Warm (relatively) weather. Even minus 10 can be challenging for everyone. Red noses and cheeks aren’t the most attractive (unless that’s the look you’re going for!). Batteries in the equipment don’t last as long. It can just get uncomfortable if it’s too cold!
  • Clear, sunny skies. We want one of those gorgeous clear sky winter days for your session. If it grey and gloomy, or even foggy, we’ll probably want to reschedule for a nicer day.
  • Fresh snow. We love to shoot right after a snowfall, when everything is white. It isn’t very pretty if the snow is two weeks old, dirty and half ice. We want beautiful snow!

edmonton-winter-portraits-2We also bring out lighting in the winter, just like we do in the summer. Controlling the light is critical for the bright, well balanced portraits we’re known for. As we’ve always said, “It’s all about the light!”

Sometimes we end up rescheduling a time or two waiting for all the conditions to come together for the best portraits possible. But believe me, the results are worth it!!

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