Creating your portrait

Edmonton portrait studioWhen we create your portrait, we do much more than take a few pictures. Here’s an overview of how we go about creating a portrait that will become more valuable as time goes on:



The first step is our pre-session consultation. This is where we find out about what you want. We’ll discuss the kind of picture you would like, taking in to account many factors – the subjects, formal or casual, the place the portrait will be seen, etc. We’ll discuss the setting, clothing, hairstyles, and more. You’ll leave the consultation session knowing what to expect for your photography session, and we’ll have all the information we need to make the best portrait we can for you.


Photography Session

This is where the fun happens! We want to make the experience a memorable occasion for everyone. We’ll shoot several poses so you’ll have lots to choose from. We do all we can to make your photography session comfortable, and we take time to get relaxed, unique images.



The selection session is quite exciting, as you’ll see your pictures for the first time! We’ll go over every picture and help you decide the ideal pictures to use for your wall, online, or gifts for family and friends.

We use advanced technology to show you what your pictures will look like on your own walls, so you can be sure they will fit perfectly. This short video shows how we are able to do this!



Wall portrait over sofaThe end result! We’ll deliver your finished portraits and make sure you love them. If you’ve selected a wall portrait, we can also hang it for you. Don’t be surprised if we show up with a camera to record your reaction when you see your beautiful finished portraits for the first time!