NAIT Women’s Hockey Team 2012-13

Here is our team photo of the NAIT Women’s Hockey Team:

NAIT women's hock team photo by Jim Whitesell

NAIT Women’s Hockey Team 2012-2013

Some interesting facts:

  • Created from eight images
  • Approximately 100 megapixels
  • Full size image is over four feet long
  • The women were positioned in a semi-circle, yet appear to be in a straight line in the final photo

Would you like to see the full size photograph? Post a comment below so we can gauge interest.

NAIT Women’s Hockey Team Preview!

We did a great team portrait of the NAIT OOKS Women’s Hockey Team last week. These are some amazing athletes and we feel very fortunate to have been able to spend some time on the ice photographing them.

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look of the team picture being set up:
NAIT women's hockey team photo


If you look closely, you’ll see coach Iwanicka (back to camera) holding a string that is tied to the tripod. She’s making sure the players are all exactly the same distance from the camera. The final team photo is made from eight separate images shot left-to-right. It’s important that the players’ distance from the camera doesn’t vary so they appear correctly in the final composite photo.

The final result will be posted tomorrow, so check back to see the result!

Google Business Photos – Park Veterinary Centre

We recently completed a Google virtual tour for Park Veterinary Centre in Sherwood Park. It is a rare opportunity to see inside an advanced veterinary facility, allowing you to see treatment areas, surgical suites, X-ray, and specialty areas like quarantine, reptiles, and boarding.

There are 40 stops along the way, so enjoy the tour!


Drag your mouse to look around, click on the arrows to move.

Google Street View for Business

We’ve recently begun providing Google Business Photos for local companies. This is an exciting new offering from Google that helps your business in many ways.

The centerpiece of the program is a 360-degree virtual tour of the inside of a business using Google’s Street View technology. This allows anyone to visit inside your business and “walk around” to see the decor, style, products, etc. offered. You’ve worked hard to make your business look outstanding – now your virtual tour is right there for the world to see – in Google search results, Google maps, ond your business’ own Google+ Local page.

You can also embed your tour in your own website.

Businesses with an inside virtual tour from Google Business Photos also rank very highly in Google search results!

Here is an example of a recent virtual tour we produced for The Outback Western Wear and Tack in Westlock. Go ahead and drag your mouse around in the image, and click on the arrows to move through the store:

The cost is incredibly low, too. There is only a low one-time production cost – there are no ongoing fees for hosting. As your Google Trusted Photographer, we’ll make it easy for you to take advantage of this powerful new marketing tool.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to increase your online presence and show your business to the world! We are currently scheduling shoots for other local businesses – if you’d like more details, visit our site dedicated to this product:

Edmonton Google Business Photos

How to Microadjust lens focus

The newest high-end DSLRs offer a function that allows you to fine-tune how each lens focuses on your camera. There are lots of instructions and aids available to accomplish this task, some more effective than others.

Google Search Results for ‘micro focus adjust’

This is one of the first things we do whenever we get new camera bodies. Until you’ve done this, you can’t be sure your camera and lenses are perfectly adjusted for each other. Depending on the number of lenses you have, this might take from 15 minutes to. A couple hours… But it pays off big time!

Here is Canon’s helpful guide to how your autofocus system works, and explains shooting techniques for proper use as well as how to do the adjustments:

QuickGuide to Accurate EOS autofocus

Have Pro Lenses Gotten More Expensive?

Pro lenses are delivering so much more sharpness and resolution that older lens designs sometimes start to show flaws that were not apparent with earlier cameras. whenever a new version of a lens is introduced, photographers are shocked by the new price as it is almost always substantially higher than the lens it is replacing. When the new Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM II lens came out, it was priced about $400 more than the lens it was replacing. There is a new Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II just released which is replacing the current lens that was introduced 10 years ago. The price for the new 24-70 is a whopping $900 more than it predecessor!

A German photographer has done an amazing job of analyzing price histories for most Canon lenses and the data shows that the overall average price increase is about 2% per year – less than inflation! These large price increases we see with new lens introductions may seem excessive, but the actual data shows a different story.

You can take a look at his analysis and the conversation it has generated here.

Kass and Will’s Wedding Teaser

We had a great time photographing Will and Kass’ wedding in Neerlandia, Alberta recently. Everyone was wonderful, and it was a perfect day! While we’re editing the photographs for the newlyweds, we wanted to share the pictures we pulled together for the reception.

We hope you enjoy this preview!

We all know what a challenge it can be getting kids to sit still for a portrait, right?

Will and Kass wanted a picture with the nine children who were a part of their wedding. Joyous chaos ensued! This is one of our favorite pictures from the wedding!!


Don and Ursula’s Wedding

We are pleased to share a short video of highlights from Don and Ursula’s wedding. Beautiful weather, great family and friends, and an awesome couple provide the ingredients for a fantastic day!


Photographic Training Continues

Having been drawn to the creative photographic process for a lifetime, one of my joys is sharing my knowledge with others. I talk to aspiring photographers on a daily basis, and am always willing to share and explain photographic technique.

I recently taught a photo class at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) that was for their staff. I also teach various topics through McBain Camera, from a basic course “Mastering Your Digital Camera”, to more advanced subjects such as Studio Lighting and DSLR Video. I really enjoy this opportunity to teach photography, as it is very rewarding personally to see the spark in someone’s eyes when they have that drive to create memorable imagery.

If you enjoy photography or want to learn more, I encourage you to check out the workshops available at McBain Camera, or consider some personal instruction for individuals or couples.

Tarena and Dan in Jasper

Jasper provides some stunning scenery for portraits, and that’s why Tarena and Dan selected this world-class location for their engagement pictures.