St. Albert City Hall

This is a panorama of the St. Albert City Hall. It was created from 27 individual images to create this highly detailed picture that prominently features the statue of Lois Hole with a child. 


Lois Hole was a Canadian politician, businesswoman, academician, professional gardener and best-selling author. She was the 15th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 10 February 2000 until her death. She was known as the “Queen of Hugs” for breaking with protocol and hugging almost everyone she met, including journalists, diplomats and other politicians.

St Albert City Hall


This image is over 50 inches long at full resolution. Its vibrance, clarity and sharpness make it perfect for wall art.


To illustrate the sharpness and level of detail in the image, here is a full resolution crop of the plaque on the retaining wall behind the statue which tells the story of Lois Hole: