“The Santa Experience” Sessions 2020

Our In-Person Santa Experience is postponed until 2021.

Boy, what a crazy year! We’ve been hard at work trying to create a safe environment to have offer our Santa Experience sessions again this year. Many families have made their visit with us an annual tradition and we are disappointed that we won’t be able to provide this fun experience this year.

We’ve worked out almost all the details with limiting one family at a time, sanitizing studio surfaces between visits, staff distancing and mask wearing, etc. but the one thing we’re unable to do is sanitize Santa himself before a visit. The fur and velvet he wears can’t be disinfected quickly enough to insure a fully sanitized visit for your family.

Now for the Good News!

But there is good news! Even though we’re postponing our Santa Experience until next year, your children will still be able to enjoy a fun, safe visit with our wonderful Santa Claus!

Many agree we have the most authentic, jolly Santa in town. Santa Edmonton has become the most sought-after Santa in Edmonton and many families seek him out each year. Santa Edmonton (our Santa) is pleased to announce you can visit with him directly from the North Pole through North Pole TV, via JingleRing!

JingleRing has created a truly magical visit that is so much more than a facetime or Zoom call. Click to watch this short introduction:

Check out all that JingleRing has to offer here.

By clicking the link above, you’ll be able to see Santa Edmonton’s personal JingleRing Schedule and reserve your visit with him!

Visit JingleRing here

We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the studio next year

We hope you enjoy your JingleRing visit with Santa Edmonton this year, and we look forward to welcoming you back in to the studio for your Santa Experience in 2021. Learn more here: Santa Experience 2021

Please notify me when you have your 2021 Santa Experience sessions available

    Learn more about our 2021 Santa Experience here