“The Santa Experience” Sessions 2019

Your Children can have a private 1 to 1 visit with Santa, and you get beautiful pictures!

We’ve designed our Santa Experience to be just that… a truly unique time for children to enjoy extended time alone with Santa Claus, where they can play, relax, hear stories, and really experience the joy and happiness Santa and Christmas are meant to be.

“They are simply amazing! Wow. Thank you so much!! I can’t stop looking at them. The kids had an amazing time and haven’t stopped talking about it.”

Some examples from our 2018 Santa Experience Sessions:

Your child will visit with the big guy himself while we capture great pictures of them together.

This is so different than the usual visit with Santa, where long lines and feeling rushed is common. We have plenty of time for even the shyest children to warm up and relax. Our Santa is a master at distracting and getting kids involved in stories, which helps soothe their nerves. The kids who have a million questions for Santa can finally get answers, since they have what seems like all the time in the world to spend with him.


“The kids (and mom and dad) had so much fun with Santa. Thank you!”


Far from the long lines at the mall and without feeling rushed by the people waiting behind you, your child can visit with Santa one-to-one in our private studio. What a magical experience for your children!

This relaxed 20 minute session is set at Santa’s North Pole workshop!

With plenty of time to enjoy their visit with Santa, your kids will be able to chat with him and hear stories about life at the North Pole, why naughty kids get coal in their stocking (it’s actually a good thing!), maybe sing a Christmas carol or two, and even tell him what they want for Christmas   Parent alert: Santa never promises a specific gift, you’ll love how he answers this!


“Thanks for making my grandson’s visit with Santa so special. He tells me about it every time I see him.”


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“Do you have these sessions every year? If so, we have found a new tradition!”


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