About Whitesell Photography

Creating wonderful memories for you is much more than pointing a camera and clicking the shutter.

Our photographic art is created with care and the skill acquired over decades of shooting. Whether your style is Traditional, Retro, Country, Urban Grunge or something in between we approach each assignment with creativity few possess. We guarantee you’ll love the pictures we create. Your images become more valuable year after year, since the images we capture today are the memories for tomorrow.  As time passes, you’ll look back on today’s images as if you were looking through a window to the past.

We had so much fun… You guys make it feel natural. We’re so glad we found you!  

We don’t hand you hundreds of snapshots on a disc after we’re done. We follow through with every detail from helping you select the perfect images, to preparing the images with professional retouching, then producing final prints to exacting specifications.

Where we Shoot – While most of our photography is on location, Our studio is available by appointment at 18116 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1S7 for headshots, portraits, and commercial photography. 

Retouching – This is a must to create memorable images. From correcting minor flaws to enhancing the mood of a scene, there is no substitute for professional skill in this area. An image can be ruined by improper retouching, or transformed into something extra special. Without retouching no image simply isn’t complete. Check out this before-and-after retouching comparison of a headshot.

Printing –  Corners cannot be cut in the final step in creating images that will last for generations. We use only the highest quality lab partners to produce our prints, and have invested in extensive colour managment tools to insure the highest quality professional prints. This is worlds different from drug-store prints many less dedicated photographers use, especially when they are looking for the cheapest supplier. We use only the finest professional labs in North America, Italy, and Germany.

About Jim Whitesell:

You probably know someone whose interests have been focused on a single subject from an early age. It could be cars, music, animals, or sports. For me it was photography. There was something magical about this window into other lives and places. I was irresistibly drawn to the magic of creating images that capture a moment in time.

Edmonton photo studio

I started taking pictures in early elementary school. I had my camera with me everywhere and produced mainly what we’d call street photography today. I shot friends, family, strangers, pets, landscapes, cityscapes, abstract. My first paid gig was a wedding I did at the age of 12. The first time I had pictures published was a year later. I was hooked! I continued shooting and started developing my own film around this time. In high school I became the photo editor of the school yearbook which took national honours. My first job out of high school was as the photographer for a large school portrait company.

I spent my 18th birthday assisting a well-known celebrity photographer with a shoot in Tucson, AZ who was taking portraits of actors from a major Hollywood movie – the assignment was for Vogue magazine.

In the following years I worked in photo labs and continued to shoot professionally.  My brother and I opened the first same-day photofinishing lab in Tempe Arizona which was the second photo lab I had owned.

I continue to do many types of photography including weddings, portraits, commercial product shots, architecture, action and sports – each new assignment allows me to find creative ways to capture and share my view through the lens.

I am most comfortable working with people so I can create the memories my clients love. While equipment and techniques evolve and the darkroom has largely been replaced by the computer, creating unique and memorable images is timeless. I get great personal satisfaction when I see emotional reactions to my photographs and I take pride in capturing a few moments in time that my subjects will enjoy for years to come.

Even though I have years of experience to draw upon, I find myself constantly driven to create something new and memorable when I’m photographing  my next subjects. Of course I’m proud of the images I’ve created in the past but my passion is like an unquenched thirst that drives me to create new images that make the viewer pause and take a second look.

I invite you to contact us today so we can talk about the photography you need.