Your View and Order Visit

Your view and order visit is where we’ll see all the poses from your session and explore how you can enjoy them for years to come. You’ll see your portraits projected on our huge 100″ screen so you can easily make your final choices at this meeting.

During this visit, you’ll get to decide your favourites and how you’d like to enjoy them in your home or office.

Our job is to make it easy for you. We may help by suggesting what other families enjoy, show options like sizes and finishes, and we can explore the artistic touches we use to complete your portrait art.

Our studio uses really fun technology which, with your help, will allow us to show you exactly how your final portrait art will look on the walls in your home or office.

We provide an easy way for you to take pictures of the areas in your home where you might consider displaying your portraits and with the touch of a button, your room pictures are magically transported to us!

To see how easy this is, just click the Play button on the image below to watch a short movie about how it works:


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