Staff Headshots

We’ve got a very easy to manage system for organizations that have ongoing headshot needs for their staff members. When you’ve got a growing staff, it can be a challenge to have headshots done in a timely fashion without a lot of effort. There’s already a lot to do when on-boarding new team members and scheduling and managing their headshots can often fall to the bottom of the list.

We can solve your headshot challenges!

With our headshot studio and automated session scheduling we can take the hassle away from getting headshots done for larger staff.

We’ll make it really easy for the company and the new employee. By knowing what your photo requirements are, we’re able to deliver consistent results. Your staff will look great since we take the time to let them relax. We’re skilled and bringing out natural, approachable expressions, too.

When a new team member is on-boarded, all the HR department needs to do is direct them to our headshot booking page here and provide them with the company’s exclusive Client Code. We’ll take it from there.

Scheduling won’t be a challenge, either. They’ll book at their convenience. Our online headshot booking calendar makes it simple! Once booked, we’ll send clothing, hair and makeup guides so they’ll look their best. We’ll even send a text reminder the night before their session.

For payment, we can direct bill the company, or if the new employee will be paying for their own headshots, the Client Code you provide will allow them to receive the discounted company group rate.

We can even streamline the on-boarding process further. When you’re also ordering business cards for the new employee, we can take care of submitting the business card order with our preferred printing partner. The cards will be printed quickly to your specifications with no further management needed from you.

Are you ready to make life easier and reduce the management needs of ordering staff headshots? Let’s talk about the possibilities. Contact us today.

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